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The First stage of the design process involves sitting down with the client and listening to their specific requirements including timeframes, budget constraints, branding incorporation, any Landlord requirements and specific services required. After this meeting a Fee Proposal will be provided outlining the details of our meeting and a tailored Fee for the project.
+Brief Analysis / Proposal
+Design Management
As HDL works closely with professional  Joiners, Main contractors, subcontractors and suppliers the right combination of experts to suit your specific requirements can be combined and during the construction stage HDL can  oversee the project and be available to answer any queries and to ensure the project is carried out to achieve the desired end result.
Hale Design Limited
Upon acceptance of the above Proposal the Concept design stage involves providing sketch layouts, furniture layouts and finishes for comment / approval and feedback will be listened to and acted upon so a final layout can be signed off before commencing the detailed documentation.

Depending on the projects specific requirements  the Developed Design documentation can include some / all of the below set of drawings (Floor plan, Electrical, Plumbing, Reflected Ceiling Plans, Finishes, Joinery and elevations etc) and specifications for;
                Client  approval / Landlords approval
                Contractors / Sub-contractors  for Pricing
                Submission to Local Council for Building Consent approval
                On site construction documentation
All documentation is designed to meet the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code and if / when necessary Structural Engineers, Fire Engineers and Air-conditioning Engineers will be consulted / engaged.

+Concept Design
+Developed Design
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